One Dog Line Set

1 Dog Bungee Line - 25.00

This is a light weight, durable, single bungee line
that we recomend for use with our scooters when
running a single dog team.

The line attaches directly to your scooter with a loop
that goes over the head tube and threads through
the antennae or brushbow over the front wheel.

The integral damper reduces the snap when your
team launches into a gallop.

This simple design utilises 8mm marine grade
bungee incased in 18mm polyester tubular, webbing
tape which is machine washable.

Measuring 270cm fully stretched, it also meets all
of the requirements for cani-cross, scooter and
bikejor classes, under the IFSS regulations.

- Length (Unstretched) -250cm

- Length (Stretched) - 270cm

- Total Weight - 148 grams