Welcome to Dax-Scooter

The Dax-Scooter phenomenon developed from our keen interest in exercising and having fun with our dogs.

Scootering is a growing sport within this country not only for racing huskies and other sled dogs but also dog enthusiasts who want to exercise and have fun with their pets.

Scootering is a safe and controlled means of 'keeping up' with your fast and exercise hungry dogs, allowing them to run as a team to burn off their excess energy.

Our innovative, light weight design has good ground clearance, suspension forks (50mm travel), great stability and obviously folds / compacts to be stored or transported. The images oposite show variations of the Dax from the latest version to older models and even custom colour schemes.

Please browse our gallery of images on Face Book for pictures from the rallies we attend and the general scootering fun that us and the other members of the dax family have.

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Happy scootering!!